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Every Child Counts

An ageing society which doesn't care for its young has a death wish…—Professor Dame Anne Salmond

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Take action

Take action for children!

Children cannot vote, and their issues and needs do not always get the attention they deserve — in national or local government policy.  They do not have powerful interest groups that represent them, but they do have people who can and want to be powerful voices on their behalf. So join us in being a voice for children.

What you can do

Join the Tick for Kids campaign

Tick for Kids is a coalition of organisations and individuals working together to make children’s rights and interests a central focus of the 2014 election campaign and 2014-2017 parliamentary term. For more information click here.

Encourage membership of Every Child Counts

As your talk with friends, workmates and neighbours about children’s issues and Every Child Counts, you will be surprised how interested many people are. Encourage them to join Every Child Counts. Make sure you are carrying a few recruitment brochures with you or can direct them to the Join us page of this website.

Be well informed

Make sure you get our e-newsletter and check out these resources

Watch for action alerts

From time to time we will be calling for action in particular localities. Make sure you are enrolled as a supporter and get our e-newsletter.

Help organise a local event

Why not take a lead in your local community and call a meeting. It doesn’t need to be a big affair. Try your hand at organising a coffee group discussion on children’s issues at your local church, playcentre or through your children’s school.

Email us for resource material and support at:

Write letters to your local newspaper

People read letters in newspapers — especially the smaller community papers. It is therefore a great way to explain what Every Child counts stands for. For useful tips go to our Advocacy Toolkit

Write letters to political parties and candidates

Maybe you have writing skills. Then why not spend a few minutes writing a letter to your local candidates outlining what Every Child Counts stands for and seeking their views? For useful tips go to our Advocacy Toolkit.

Get to know your MPs

Volunteer your technical or professional expertise

All of us have something we are really good at or have special training. You know what expertise you have, so email us at:

Raise funds on our behalf

If you’re a community organisation you may want to help us by raising funds on our behalf. Please contact us today to discuss your idea and Every Child Counts will contact you within two days.

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