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Every Child Counts

An ageing society which doesn't care for its young has a death wish…—Professor Dame Anne Salmond

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Seven key reasons why the first 1000 days are critical 

The government invests a substantial sum of money every year in early childhood.  It is invested in pre-natal post-natal care, Wellchild and immunisation programmes, other health services, parenting programmes for young parents, early childhood care and education services, welfare.

But New Zealand’s investment is low when compared to that of other OECD countries.

Not only that but some of the programmes the government invests in do not seem to be as effective as in some of the other OECD countries.

Here’s seven key reasons why we think it is critical that we invest more, and more effectively, in the first 1000 days of a child’s life in New Zealand.

Key reason no.1: Brain development

Key reason no.2: ‘Hard-wiring’ the brain for social competence

Key reason no.3: Learning physical skills

Key reason no.4: Learning to talk

Key reason no.5: Learning right and wrong

Key reason no.6: Health

Key reason no.7: Economic

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