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Every Child Counts

An ageing society which doesn't care for its young has a death wish…—Professor Dame Anne Salmond

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Child abuse

New Zealand has one of the highest rates of physical child abuse in the development world. We also have one of the worst rates of child death by maltreatment within the family.

Children can also be abused emotionally and sexually.

All such abuse has a damaging effect on a child’s well-being and future development.

Here are documents and links on the impact of child abuse on children:

  • The economic cost of child abuse and neglect in New Zealand - Summary Report: A condensed version of an economic study commissioned by ECC and undertaken by Infometric Limited.
  • The economic cost of child abuse and neglect in New Zealand – Full report
  • The Ministry of Social Development’s  the Statistical Report includes the official statistics relating to notification and investigation of reports of child abuse.
  • Jigsaw is a network of 42 organisations throughout New Zealand that are working to stop child abuse, neglect and family violence in our communities. They help families raise their children in safe, nurturing ways.
  • Child Matters

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